JV1 Clean Benches

Item No.: YJV1-4134
These are single person vertical laminar air supply clean benches, which are divided into single-sided or double-sided operation. The single person clean benches work stably.
Product parameters
Product Name: Clean Benches
Model Number: JV1
Brand: B.X.
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 clean bench
Price: The price is determined according to the parameters and quantity of the order.
Supply Ability: 30 clean benches per month
Place of Origin: China
These are single person vertical laminar air supply clean benches, which are divided into single-sided or double-sided operation. The single person clean benches use vertical laminar air supply and work stably.

Working Principle of the Clean Bench
The clean bench separates the operating area from the outside space with glass, making the operating area form a small operating box. The person sits outside the clean bench, and both hands can enter the operation box through the two round holes of the glass to operate. The air is sent to the pre-filter by a fan to remove coarse particles of dust and then enter the high-efficiency filter to filter out the microorganisms and fine particles. The filtered clean air enters the operation box in two forms: one is fed into the box from the top to the bottom in a vertical direction (called vertical flow). The other is clean air is fed horizontally into the operation box from the side. (called horizontal flow). During operation, the clean air pressure in the operating box is maintained to be greater than the air pressure outside the box. Make sure that the clean air flows outwards continuously, prevent outside air from entering the clean operation box, so that the operating area always maintains high cleanliness. In this way, objects in the operating box are not contaminated by microorganisms or dust in the ambient air. The clean bench is an essential equipment for the operation in a sterile and dust-free environment. The clean bench is a commonly used equipment for microbiology experiments and food testing.

Features of JV1 Single Person Clean Benches
• The shell is made of high quality cold-rolling steel sheets with electrostatic plastic-spraying on the surface, the operation table is made of SUS304 material which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean;
• Adopted the centrifugal fan which has steady rotate speed and low noise;
• LCD control system, equipped with a touch type switch and six steps of wind speed control;
• Equipped with the germicidal lamps and lights which can be controlled independently. The sterilization device has a timing function (0-999min);
• Separate the operating space from the outside space with a glass plate, and ensure that the clean air flows outwards continuously, preventing the external microorganisms and dust from entering the operating space.
• The mobile operating window is configured on the small door to prevent the odors of the samples from spread.
• Equipped with a pre-filter and high efficiency HEPA air filter.
-- Illumination lamp and germicidal lamp interlocking device ensure that use in a safety way;
-- When the high efficiency filter (HEPA) is damaged or fails, it can alarm in time.
-- There is a differential pressure display of the air inside and outside the operation box.
-- The wind speed can be constantly controlled at the set value.
-- There are multiple parameters quantitative display.
-- Display function such as accumulated working time, clock, filter life, etc.
* The part with the "--" symbol is the function of the upgraded version of the clean bench.

Parameters of JV1 Single Person Clean Benches
Equipment Name: single person clean bench
Device Model: JV1-1 and JV1-2
Display Mode: LCD
Working Side: JV1-1 is single-sided; JV1-2 is double-sided
Maximum Number of Operators: 1
Cleanliness Class: Class 100 (≥0.5µm, filtration efficiency reaches 99.99%)
Wind Speed: 0.3-0.6m/s (adjustable)
Noise: ≤67dB
Vibration Half Peak Value: ≤5µm (X, Y, Z direction)
Illuminance: ≥300LX
Working Zone (mm): 870×700×520
Overall Size (mm): 990×724×1650
HEPA (mm): 820×615×50×①
Lamp/UV Light: 20W×①/20W×①
Weight (Kg): 110
Power (kW): 0.15
Power Supply: AC220±10V 50/60Hz
Picture of JV1 Single Person Clean Bench
Picture of JV1 Single Person Clean Bench

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