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Recruit English and Spanish Translators:
With the development of the company's business, it is now necessary to recruit English and Spanish translators. The main work and personnel qualifications are as follows:
1. On-site translation and import and export business. The foreign language major is above junior college, full time.
2. Web page translation or web page proofreading. The website is, the foreign language major is undergraduate or above, and can be part-time. The website must be updated on a regular basis (within 15 days), so translation and proofreading work requires long-term cooperation.
Even part-time staff must live in the vicinity of Guangzhou or Guangzhou to facilitate regular discussion of translation services. Interested parties please call, mobile: 13602756439, WeChat: wxid_emv4jfwpl94e21, E-mail:, contact: Jane. The salary is negotiable.

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