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Purchase Guide
1. Welcome to browse food-men.com. When you are interested in the products marked on this website, please read the product introduction in detail. If you have any questions about the product, or ask a price, or want to know more information, you can click the "Contact Us" button on the navigation bar. And fill in the content that you want to know at the bottom of the "Contact Us" page. Or send the inquiry file to admin@food-men.com. Please write your name, phone number (with area code), E-mail, company name, website (if any), and the purpose of purchasing the product, so that we can better answer and serve you.
2. To facilitate your communication and access to information, you can register to create an account for this website.
3. When you plan to purchase a product, please let us know your shipping address in order to estimate the shipping cost.
4. For large machinery, production lines, or precision instruments, (Hereinafter referred to as "equipment" or "product"), we recommend that you visit the manufacturing workshop of the product before buying. Understand the manufacturer's processing equipment, technology, quality management level, and reputation. “Whether the manufacturer is really good, you need to go to the production site to see.” By visiting the production site, you can more truly understand the characteristics and ex-factory price of the product. When multiple equipment needs to be purchased, the manufacturers may be different, and the manufacturing workshops may not be in the same location, even different cities or different provinces. If you need to solve your visit, we can provide this service. If you need services, we will serve you all the way from the time you arrive in China, including translation, Booking hotel, transportation arrangements and other travel services, you can also give some technical advice for your reference. If you need this service, you must read the "Visit Service Confirmation" and confirm, and inform us 5 days in advance, so that we can arrange early.
5. Product Price:
 • For products that are mailed, the product quotation does not include the postage fee and the unforeseen expenses of the product after it arrives in your country. These uncovered costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.
 • For large machinery, production lines, or precision instruments, it is quoted as FOB or CIF. Packaging costs and unforeseen costs after the product arrives in your country are not included. These costs not included are the responsibility of the purchaser.
6. Purchase payment:
 • It can be settled in US dollars, RMB, Euro, British pound, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, Canadian dollar, Thai currency, Swiss franc, and ruble currency.
 • For mailed products, all fees for a one-time payment, including the product itself and postage fees, can be paid by Visa, UnionPay, Credit Card, Debit Card, Wire Transfer, Paypal, WeChat.
 • For large products such as machinery and production lines, most of them are customized products. It is necessary to pay the fees several times according to the industry habits. The number of payments depends on the specific products, and the contract must be signed. It can be paid by Visa, credit card, debit card, wire transfer, letter of credit, etc.
7. For some lighter weights (less than 2kg), smaller products, such as instruments and accessories, can be mailed, short delivery time, but high postage; for some heavier and larger equipment, shipping is required.
8. When the product is purchased, you agree that for the transportation of the goods you ordered, we can provide the relevant information such as your name or company name, contact number, and delivery address to the courier company or other related logistics company. Of course, we will inform you of the company responsible for the carrier and its information.
9. Most courier companies or shipping companies have product tracking status. Once the product is shipped or boarded, we will send you the shipping number and related information, so that you can check the shipping status of the goods.
10. Transportation insurance: If the purchaser of the product needs to purchase transportation insurance, it should be proposed in the purchase confirmation or the purchase contract. The purchaser of the product can purchase it by itself or by us or the manufacturer, and the purchase costs are borne by the purchaser of the product. Of course, insurance beneficiaries are also product buyers.
11. Delivery of the products: Usually, the product arrives at the destination within 3 to 90 business days after delivery and is delivered to the purchaser. The reason why the product failed to deliver may be:
(1) Incorrect delivery address. Please contact the shipping company and contact us if you encounter this problem.
(2) Cannot contact the consignee. Please provide accurate contact information.
(3) Goods seized by customs: All goods shipped across borders must pass customs. When certain goods enter certain countries, tariffs may be levied. These items may include mailing or shipping. At this time, the buyer is responsible for paying all import costs to obtain the goods. If the purchaser fails to pay the tariff, the product cannot reach the destination on time, and the buyer is responsible.
In addition, certain types of goods can be exported in the exporting country; for some countries or regions, the import of such goods is prohibited (for example, certain food additives). In order to prevent the goods from being seized by the customs, when you intend to import the goods, please read the precautions of your country's customs.
12. Cancellation of orders: Most of the products listed on this website are customized products. If the payment is not received, the order can be cancelled. But if the product is manufacturing after receiving the payment, the order cannot be cancelled at this time.
13. Product testing and receiving:
• For mailed products, when arriving at the place specified by the purchaser, the purchaser should inspect the goods in front of the courier when they receive the goods. Check the authenticity, quantity and quality of the goods. Or the buyer goes to the courier service center to receive and inspect the goods. After the goods are delivered, the logistics company will send the delivered information to the mail sender. The buyer must try to use the product within 15 days after receiving the product to verify the quality of the product. When the buyer does not dispute the product after 15 days, the product is considered eligible. If you still have questions, please contact us.
• For large equipment, there are two testing and acceptance processes. The first time is in the manufacturer's production workshop. When debugging the equipment, the purchaser comes to test and accept, or test and accept the equipment by the personnel who come to learn and train on behalf of the purchaser. The second acceptance is at the purchaser's the equipment installation site. The technicians sent by the manufacturer installs and debugs the machiners and then test and accept. In order to save costs, some technically strong buyers no need to send people to train and conduct the first acceptance, or does not need to the manufacturer send personnel to the buyer's mechanical installation site to test and accept. They are confident to commission the equipment on their own, and such abandonment acceptance shall be deemed to have passed the acceptance. The buyer must notify us in writing when it is not necessary for the buyer and seller to test and receive the equipment together. Every time the equipment is tested and received, the purchaser must sign for confirmation. If the device is used or functioning normally for more than 7 consecutive days and has not been accepted and signed by the buyer, and if the purchaser does not find any quality problems during the use of the equipment, it is deemed that the equipment has passed the testing and acceptance.
14. As the product may be improved and modified at any time, and the product description on this website will have a corresponding lag time difference, there may be slight differences between the actual product and the online description, but the product is real. Therefore, the final characteristics and parameters of the product are determined by the contract signed by the customer at the time of order.
15. After-sales service: After purchasing the products on Food-men, users can get good after-sales service, including but not limited to:
(1) User training
• For mailed products, the user must read the product manual for product performance, operating methods, safety precautions, etc., or contact Food-men or the manufacturer for study assistance before using the product.
• For large products such as machinery and production lines, if the technology is high and the operation is complicated, the purchaser can send personnel to the place designated by the manufacturer for training, or the manufacturer sends personnel to the place where the purchaser equipment is installed for training.
(2) Technical services
Food-men or manufacturers can provide technical services to customers from technical issues such as the use, maintenance and maintenance of the equipment to the entire production process.
(3) Maintenance
The user is responsible for the maintenance of the equipment, and the manufacturer provides technical guidance.
(4) Quality Control Guidance
Food-men or manufacturers are very concerned about the quality control of the user during the use of the equipment. Food-men or manufacturers can provide guidance on quality control methods and documentation.
(5) Repair spare parts supply
The user can periodically develop and execute a spare parts procurement plan in accordance with the equipment maintenance method proposed in the product manual. For some urgent spare parts purchases, the manufacturer has spare parts stocks that can supply parts to users in a timely and efficient manner.
(6) Solving difficult problems
The manufacturer's Internet remote technical guidance and support can solve the difficult problems that users need to solve urgently.
(7) Technology upgrade
If required by the user, Food-men or the manufacturer will occasionally provide users with upgrade information on equipment and technology, such as automation and productivity improvement technologies.
16. When the purchaser purchases the products on this website, you need to fill in the “Product Purchase Confirmation” or sign the “Product Sales Contract”. The confirmation or contract can be an electronic version (applicable to products that are inconvenient for the purchaser to confirm at the manufacturer's site. For example: mailed products), can also be a paper version (for bulk products, for example: the purchaser must go to the manufacturer to negotiate the confirmed products; can also be confirmed by the postal express paper version), whether electronic or The paper version must be confirmed by both the seller and the buyer, and then all parties must follow the terms of the agreement.
17. If you have further questions, please contact us.