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Packaged Water for Drinking, GB19298, Food Safety Standard of Chin

National Food Safety Standard
Packaged Water for Drinking
Standard Number: GB19298-2014
Publish date: 2014-12-24
Implement date: 2015-05-24
Issued by: The National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China
Standard Status: Currently valid

This is GB19298-2014, the quality standard of packaged water for drinking, a food safety standard of the People's Republic of China. It is issued by the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China.
The English version of this standard is translated from the Chinese original GB19298-2014. In case of discrepancies in the translated version, the original Chinese standard GB19298-2014 (Chinese version) shall prevail. This translated version can provide reference for food production enterprises.

Standard Text of GB19298-2014
A. Standard Cover of GB19298-2014

Packaged Water for Drinking, Food Safety Standard of Chin, Standard Cover of GB19298-2014

B. Table of contents
Packaged Water for Drinking, Food Safety Standard of Chin, Table of contents of GB19298-2014

C. Standard Preface of GB19298-2014
This standard replaces GB 19298-2003 "Hygienic Standard of Bottled Water for Drinking" and Amendment No. 1 and No. 2, and GB 17324-2003 "Hygienic Standard of Bottled Purified Water for Drinking". If the GB17323-1998 "Bottled Purified Water for Drinking" involves the indicators of this standard, this standard shall prevail.
Compared with GB 19298-2003 and GB 17324-2003, the main changes of this standard are as follows:
——The name of the standard was revised to "National Food Safety Standard, Packaged Water for Drinking";
—— The scope is revised;
—— The definitions is revised;
—— The requirements for raw material are revised;
—— The sensory requirements are modified;
—— The physical and chemical indicators are modified;
—— The microbial limits are modified;
—— The inspection method is modified;
—— The provision for labels and marks is added.
The clause 4.1~ clause 4.2 in this standard have been implemented on 1 January, 2016.
D. Total Pages: 6, (including cover, Table of Contents, preface and contents)
     Total Words: 773, (including cover, Table of Contents, preface and contents)
E. Standard Content of GB19298-2014
National standards for food safety
Packaged Water for Drinking
1. Scope
This standard is applicable to packaged drinking water for direct drinking.
This standard is not applicable to natural mineral water for drinking.
2. Terms and Definitions
2.1 Packaged water for drinking
The water sealed in packaging containers that comply with food safety standards and relevant regulations for direct drinking.
2.1.1 Purified water for drinking
The packaged water for drinking that is produced by using source water which meets requirements of clause 3.1, purified by distillation, electrodialysis, ion exchange, revers osmosis as well as other proper water purification methods.

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