LX-636 Laboratory Benchtop Multipurpose Centrifuge

Item No.: YLX-636-4188
This laboratory benchtop multipurpose centrifuge has a wide range of speed adjustments, is a food testing equipment commonly used in laboratory.
Product parameters
Product Name: Laboratory Benchtop Multipurpose Centrifuge
Model Number: LX-636
Brand: A.B.
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 laboratory benchtop multipurpose centrifuge
Price: The price is determined according to the parameters and quantity of the order.
Supply Ability: 30 laboratory benchtop multipurpose centrifuges per month
Place of Origin: China
This laboratory benchtop multipurpose centrifuge has a wide range of speed adjustments. It can accommodate centrifugation and settling of specimens of various weight specifications. The benchtop centrifuge is multipurpose and is a food testing equipment commonly used in laboratories.

Features of the Laboratory Benchtop Multipurpose Centrifuge
• Speed can be set from 300- 6000rpm.
• Maximum capacity of the centrifuge: 100 mLx4
• 9 Acceleration/10 Brake speed settings to ensure optimal separation.
• A wide range of accessories(fixed angle and swing-out bucket rotors).
• Automatic rotor identification.
• Timers can be set up to 99 min. for short run/ continuous run.
• 9 procedures stored in memory makes the operation much simplified.
• Maintenance-free brushless DC motors.

Parameters of the Laboratory Benchtop Multipurpose Centrifuge
• Equipment Name: Laboratory benchtop multipurpose centrifuge
• Model: LX-636
• Speed range: 300-6000rpm,  increment:10rpm
• Max. RCF: 4300xg
• Speed accuracy: ±20rpm
• Max. Capacity: 100mLx4
• Run Time: 30sec-99mins/continuous
• Motor: Brushless DC
• Display: LCD
• Program Memory: 9
• Safety Devices: Door Imbalance protection, Over speed & Over temperature detection
• Acceleration/Deceleration time: 9↑/10↓steps
• Power: 660W; Single-phase AC220V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 6.3A; AC110V-120V, 50Hz/60Hz, 10A 
• Dimension[WxDxH]: 445x579x269mm
• Weight: 36kg
• Certification: CE
• Advanced features: speed/rcf switch; Rotor identification

Configuration of the Laboratory Benchtop Multipurpose Centrifuge
The configuration of the laboratory centrifuge is determined by the order form or contract signed by the customer at the time of ordering.

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