ZFX Laboratory Vacuum Drying Ovens

Item No.: YZFX-4185
These laboratory vacuum ovens are suitable for drying heat sensitive materials, can also be used as anaerobic bacteria incubators equipment.
Product parameters
Product Name: Laboratory Vacuum Drying Ovens
Model Number: ZFX
Brand: B.X.N
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 laboratory vacuum drying oven
Price: The price is determined according to the parameters and quantity of the order.
Supply Ability: 60 laboratory vacuum drying ovens per month.
Place of Origin: China
These laboratory vacuum drying ovens are equipped with a vacuum unit. The moisture in the sample is evaporated at a lower temperature under vacuum. That is, the sample is quickly dried at a lower temperature.

The laboratory vacuum drying ovens are suitable for drying materials which are easily decomposed by heat, easily oxidized, and susceptible to chemical reactions, are also suitable for drying of items that are difficult to dry, such as powdery samples, fine-grained samples, viscous solid surfaces, and the like. In addition, the laboratory vacuum drying ovens have a vacuum and a constant temperature function, when the temperature is set to a temperature suitable for biological growth, the drying ovens can be used as an anaerobic biological incubator.

The laboratory vacuum drying ovens are widely used in biochemistry, food experiment, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural research, environmental protection and other fields. They are essential testing equipment in food laboratory.

Features of the ZF Laboratory Vacuum Drying Ovens
• The shell is made of cold-rolling steel with static spray plastics, the working chamber is made of SUS304 with arc angle design which is convenient to clean the residues;
• Temperature control system adopts microcomputer singlechip technology, temperature and time control, over-temperature alarm;
• Dual LED screens, the touch keyboard set;
• Timing function;
• The tightness of door can be adjusted by user optionally, the silicone seal strips whole shaped, ensures the high vacuum degree in working chamber;
• The working chamber is rectangular to maximize the volume, the door adopts tempering bulletproof double glass which is easy for observation;
• The function of parameters memory and recovery for date protection caused by power failure or system halted.

Parameters of the ZF Laboratory Vacuum Drying Ovens
Parameters of the ZF Laboratory Vacuum Drying Ovens


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