LZ-6 Weight Sorting Sorter Machine

Item No.: MLZ-6-1200
The LZ-6 weight sorting sorter machine is a device that classifies individual food by weight. The weight sorting sorter machine can realize food sorting automation.
Product parameters
Product Name: Weight Sorting Sorter Machine
Model Number: LZ-6
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 weight sorter, discounts are available for large orders
Price: $ 0.00, the price is determined according to the parameters and quantity of the order.
Supply Ability: 18 weight sorters per month
Place of Origin: China
Description Parameter
The LZ-6 weight sorting sorter machine is a device that classifies individual food by weight. The weight sorting sorter machine can realize food sorting automation.

The LZ-6 weight sorting sorter machine is suitable for multi-stage sorting of marine products and agricultural and sideline products. Marine products such as sea cucumber, abalone, shark's fin, seahorse, jellyfish, dried fish, flower gum, fish belly, etc.; agricultural and sideline products such as fruits, vegetables, melons, nuts, cakes, frozen food, ham and so on.

Technical Characteristics of LZ-6 Weight Sorting Sorter Machine
  • Report function: The report can generate the EXCEL format; the individual weight and total weight of each discharge port are counted, and the production status is grasped at any time.
  • Interface function: reserved standard interface, easy to manage data, and can communicate with PC and other intelligent devices;
  • Centralized control: centralized control of multiple sorters by one computer / human machine interface;
  • Efficient economy: multi-level sorting automatically weighs, replaces labor, and improves efficiency;
  • Strong versatility: standardization structure of the whole machine and standardized man-machine interface; can complete the weighing of various materials;
  • Easy to replace: can store a variety of recipes, easy to replace product specifications;
  • Simple operation: using color human-machine interface, fully intelligent and user-friendly design;
  • Easy to maintain: the conveyor belt is easy to disassemble, easy to install and maintain, easy to clean;
  • Expandable: Various expansion devices can be installed according to user requirements;
  • Speed adjustable: variable frequency control motor, speed can be adjusted according to needs;
  • High speed, high precision: high precision digital sensor, fast sampling speed and high precision;
  • Customizable: the sorting level can be customized according to customer needs;
  • Zero tracking: can be manually or automatically cleared, as well as dynamic zero tracking.

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Technical parameters of LZ-6 Weight Sorting Sorter Machine
  • Weighing accuracy: ± 0.5g ( For very large chicken legs, a small probability of more than 2 grams is allowed . The product will affect the accuracy when there is too much moisture in the product or too much grease. )
  • Display resolution: 0.1g
  • Sorting speed: 120 packs / minute
  • Sorting speed : 200 packs / minute
  • Belt speed : 20-90 m / min ( frequency adjustable speed )
  • Front feeder length: 1500mm ( front end requires manual assistance )
  • Height of conveyor belt from the ground: 700mm ± 50mm ( requires confirmation )
  • Weight classification : six levels ( four, five, seven, eight, etc. can be customized ) , automatic feeding device form optional.
  • Weighing range : 5 to 500g
  • External source: 0.6-1Mpa
  • Pneumatic interface: φ 8mm
  • Operation display : 10 ", 12.1 ", 18 " touch screen, optional.
  • Alarm mode: buzzer and warning light
  • Weighing table size : length: 400mm; width: 220mm ;
  • Power supply: AC 220V ( fluctuation +10% , -15%, 50/60Hz)
  • Operating temperature: from 0 °C to 40 °C
  • Relative humidity: 90% ( no condensation )
  • Conveying direction: facing the operation interface from left to right or right to left, depending on the customer.
  • The material of the scale body is: 304 stainless steel.
  • Select the action mode: lever type, air jet, pneumatic arm, pneumatic push rod.
  • Waterproof rating: IP65