Automatic Colony Counter

Item No.: YZD-B2-4156
This colony counter is composed of an automatic focus camera, computer and colony counting software, is capable of reading, counting and analyzing various colony automatically.
Product parameters
Product Name: Automatic Colony Counter
Model Number: ZD-B2
Brand: W.S
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 automatic colony counter
Price: The price is determined according to the parameters and quantity of the order.
Supply Ability: 20 automatic colony counters per month
Place of Origin: China
The ZD-B2 automatic colony counter is composed of a backlight imaging device, an auto focus color camera, a computer, and an automatic colony counting software. This automatic colony counter is capable of reading, counting and analyzing various colony types automatically. It is fast, accurate, repeatable and easy to operate. The ZD-B2 automatic colony counter is an important microbiological instrument in modern biological laboratories.

Features of ZD-B2 Automatic Colony Counter
• Easy to operate, lightly touch the button, you can take pictures, count, save data, fully automatic, it's that simple!
• User-friendly interface, easy to use, and lab personnel can quickly master the operation method.
• Windows 10 system, the solid state drive can be started within 10 seconds, and quickly enter the operation interface.
• Convenient data review and record traceability, data can be exported to EXCEL, and uploading data to the intended recipient.
• Ability to save tens of thousands of images and their data, wirelessly to send images, results and data remotely.
• Ultra-thin LED backlight imaging device makes automatic counting and recognition more stable, can work for a long time, and is not affected by external light sources.
• The “dark field” and “backlight” functions of the ultra-thin imaging device can be arbitrarily converted for imaging analysis.
•With the functions of automatically eliminates “impurity images”, touch screen zoom images and click correction; supports analysis and statistics of complex microorganisms.
• Automatically separate those types of colonies that are chained, lumpy or stuck.
• Quickly read the number of colonies incubated by methods such as spread, spiral, coating, pour plate etc., saving a lot of manpower and time thanks to the intelligent recognition technology. It can complete the counting of the ordinary plate within one second.
• Colonies cultured in chromogenic medium can also be accurately counted automatically.
• Ability to distinguish colonies of different colors and calculate accurately.
• Ability to manually add and remove fake colonies to correct statistical results.

Parameters of ZD-B2 Automatic Colony Counter
• Instrument Name: Automatic Colony Counter
• Instrument model: ZD-B2
• Camera lens: color high-definition CCD, auto focus, macro shooting, large depth of field
• Camera resolution: 3264x2448
• System resolution: ≤0.02mm
• Counting Software: Automatic Colony Counting Software
• Operation and display language: Chinese / English
• Least colony identification size: >0.05mm
• Colony color recognition: 8 colors can be recognized
• Colony identification: plate, pour, meshless filter, spiral inoculated colonies
• Colony counting time: 300 colonies <3 seconds
• Light source: long life LED light source
• Operating temperature range: 0 to 50 ° C
• Adapt to the diameter of the culture dish: φ50~180mm, plate (pour, membrane, 3M paper)
• Host size (W × D × H): 290 × 260 × 380mm
• Machine weight: 3kg
• Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50HZ
• Power: 20w

Standard Configuration of ZD-B2 Automatic Colony Counter
Standard Configuration of ZD-B2 Automatic Colony Counter

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